We are just THRILLED and EXCITED to announce that Canterbury’s very own Caitlyn Shiels is now sponsored by Samshield America!



According to the Bizi Bee, before creating this helmet, which works for both the hunters and jumpers, the designers of Samshield surveyed hundreds of professional, amateur and pony riders. They wanted to find out what the most common complaints were about the riders’ helmets. Samshield took what they learned from the riders and came up with solutions to the problems in the other helmets, when making the Samshield helmet. Caitlyn loves riding in hers!



Some things you should know about Samshield:

*Airflow under the visor prevents excessive sweating.

*No contact, so no pressure on the forehead which eliminates the helmet headache all riders dread. (YAY!)

*Insert with a removable clip for cleaning. (This is one of Caitlyn’s favorite qualities!)

*For more, visit the Technology tab on the Samshield website.