Congratulations to our very own Caitlyn for being a finalist in this year’s assistant of the year contest in Horse & Style Magazine!

It has been such a magical last few months here at Canterbury! We have had so much fun all summer and have had great success – and Caitlyn has been a huge part of all of it! We could not be more thrilled!


There’s no doubt about it – assistant trainers are some of the hardest working professionals in the horse industry. Most aspiring trainers look for a mentor to work under for a number of years while they learn the ropes of the horse industry. Their experiences, good and bad, will shape the rest of their career.

How many assistant trainers have been told that “there are ten more like you” just waiting to take their job? How many struggling professionals have stayed behind in the barn to do the grunt work, while their boss tours the grand prix circuit?

Too many. For all the hours of unpaid overtime, for all the long days and tough lessons from grizzled veterans, for all the sick horses on Sunday afternoons, for all the children that they’ve picked up off the ground and put back on their pony, H&S recognizes that the job of assistant trainer is one of the toughest in the industry.

Ranked by nomination and then chosen via a blind panel of judges, it is SO great that Caitlyn was a finalist for the H&S Assistants of the Year!

See the October/November issue of Horse & Style for an extended feature on our top five finishers.

We are so proud! To see the full story, click here