CWD is where tradition and innovation meet the art of fine craftsmanship. By pooling all its knowledge and skills  CWD has created  a wide range of saddles using advanced technology. These innovative, custom made  products are intended to help riders continually improve their performance, and go even further.  Click here to see their website

Canterbury Farm is pleased to be sponsored by CWD saddles and wanted to share some info on these remarkably well made saddles and where to get one of your own!



The dynamic saddle tree’s flexibility enables the saddle to move as one with the horse when in action. The composite fibers ensure the utmost precision in transmitting information and allowing extraordinary flexibility, and adaptability under extreme conditions. There are a number of unique innovations with these saddles that other brands do not have, including flexible tree points, concave shoulder space, and an anatomic panel shape – to name a few! These saddles assist the rider in having increased leg contact and better balance and also allow for horses to have more freedom of movement in their shoulder as well as increased back comfort. We cannot say enough about how great it is to ride in one of these super comfy saddles! The best part? All of these saddles (when ordered new) come with a guaranteed fit for the horse and rider to ensure proper fit for both horse and rider. But don’t take our word for it – some of the industries top riders are huge fans of CWD. To learn more about who they are and what they have to say about their CWD saddle, click here

Cool CWD fact? The 2G Contact saddle is the first ever sport saddle made of composite materials including things like Carbon fiber and Kevlar!

Now – you are probably asking yourself, where can I find of these awesome saddles? Well, CWD prides itself on having excellent customer service in addition to the highest quality craftsmanship.  Here in the midwest, Lindsay McKinnon is the official CWD representative, and she is delightful and knowledgeable! She has come out to the farm numerous times to guarantee the fits of the saddle and is always available by phone and email to answer questions. CWD always offers free, no obligation test rides, because they understand that it is always best to be sure of your decision.

To Reach Lindsey to schedule your free test ride, you can email her at