Our very own Caitlyn Shiels’ post was a feature on the O’Shaughnessey Apparel Blog!


O.S. Rider, Caitlyn Shiels, gives us a look into the many personalities of the unique horses she works alongside with!

One of the things that I love most about my job is the fact that my coworkers, colleagues and teammates are not only humans, but also some really colorful equine! While I love each and every one of our customer’s very talented horses, there are few that stand out with some larger than life personalities.


  1. Kadence Darco “Arya” – This sassy little diva has been apart of the Canterbury Farm family since the age of two. She is a very talented young pre green hunter in training. Best described as “sassy spice.” She is also for sale. A beautiful mover with an excellent jump, and great brain it is always a pleasure to watch her meet every challenge that comes her way.


  1. Dare to Dance “Dahlia” – This super speedy girl is better defined as “sporty/posh spice.” She is in training to move up this summer to see what her full potential will be in the jumpers!! We are looking to move her up to the 1.30 m this summer after a super successful circuit in Ocala.


  1. Kenya – Known affectionately as Porkchop, is really an overgrown pony, who can barely house his own personality. Occasionally a brat; Too smart for his own good and addicted to treats and snuggling, we love nothing more than spending time with this one. He loves selfies, holding his mom’s ponytail in his mouth, and FOOD. Of any kind. At any time!


  1. Cavallier II “Cav”- The personality in this horse is equal parts elite athlete and cartoon character. He is expressive, joyful and really never has a day he doesn’t love. He is more on the magical side and is better defined as my unicorn! I am really blessed to have such a young and talented horse to work with, and am so excited to begin showing smaller grand prix classes in 2015.


  1. Moody Blues “Reese” – Reese’s personality is the most polite and well mannered in the barn. Standing enormous at well over 17 hands, this giant is always gentle, occasionally klutzy, and an adorable charmer. We nicknamed him “The Boyfriend” because he is the kind of guy that would bring a girl flowers for no reason at all. He has surmounted MUCH in his life due to an unexplainable spine related issue that caused an early retirement, only to rebound two years later, with multiple wins in the amateur owner hunters, 3’3 performance and amateur adult hunters. He is a good egg.


 – Caitlyn Shiels
O.S. Rider